Optical Scanning and Imaging Flow Cytometry

Optical scanning is a unique data format of the CytoBuoy flow cytometers that allows you to characterize quickly and in detail various morphological and fluorescence properties of individual particles in your sample.

You can further combine this quantitative analysis with smart high-resolution imaging to visualise the particles you want and analyse them even more in-depth.

 Analyse your sample fresh, on the spot, even under water! 

The 4 major reasons why researchers choose the CytoBuoy flow cytometers:

  • particle size range: 0.1 700 μm in diameter, up to 4 mm in length
  • frequent, fully automated and remotely controlled analysis in situ
  • quantitative characterization of particle morphology and its fluorescence properties
  • 40+ parameters to resolve and identify each of millions of particles 

Have a look at our complete product range here, or look into some interesting real-life cases here. If you're new to the concept of flow cytometry, then it's better to start here.

Latest News

CytoSense experience during the JERICO-Next summer school 2017

16.08.2017 by Lucyna Wlodarczyk

Phytoplankton analysis with the scanning and imaging flow cytometer CytoSense was recently demonstrated to twenty-one early career scientists during the JERICO-Next summer school 2017. The event took place at the Sand Motor, an...more

Looking inside an algae cell

05.07.2017 by Lucyna Wlodarczyk

With our Imaging-In-Flow system you can get a good impression of the 3D spatial structure of the cells. The exemplary pictures made with the CytoSub reveal that all chloroplasts are located at the cell wall leaving the interior...more


The CytoSense benchtop flow cytometerPortable PC and the CytoSense form a portable labThe CytoSense & the CytoSub side by sideThe CytoBuoy on water
The CytoSense benchtop flow cytometer
Portable PC and the CytoSense form a portable lab
The CytoSense & the CytoSub side by side
The CytoBuoy on water

The main product line of CytoBuoy consists of the following products:

  • The portable CytoSense benchtop flow cytometer, designed for use in the lab, on a shipboard, or anywhere else you want to carry it.
  • The submersible CytoSub flow cytometer, for underwater in-situ operation up to the extreme depth of 200 meters.
  • The standalone CytoBuoy floating flow cytometer, for near continuous measurements for very long duration in one specific spot.