Flow Cytometry and Imaging

Cytobuoy is a leading manufacturer of flow cytometry instruments for extremely rapid analysis of particles in a fluid. We offer high tech instrumentation for particle counting, imaging, characterization, sorting and classification and we provide specially designed solutions for a broad range of applications, including high frequency water monitoring, and cutting edge ecological and biological research.

Have a look at our complete product range here, or look into some interesting real-life cases here. If you're new to the concept of flow cytometry, then it's better to start here.

Latest News

Closed for the holidays

04.08.2014 by Dominic Stuart

CytoBuoy will be closed for the coming 2 weeks to enjoy the summer holidays. We will resume normal activities from the 18th of August. The CytoBuoy team would like to wish everyone a nice summer! more

Amazing pond life yields amazing images

30.05.2014 by George Dubelaar

A not particularly scientific, but exciting way to test the newest CytoSense imaging-in-flow system was to run some 50 ml samples of water from the pond near our office.  Being a layman in biology I expected a nice and clean...more


The CytoSense  benchtop flow cytometer.CytoBuoyPortable PC and the CytoSense form a portable lab.CytoSense & CytoSub side by side.CytoBuoy
The CytoSense benchtop flow cytometer.
Portable PC and the CytoSense form a portable lab.
CytoSense & CytoSub side by side.

The main product line of CytoBuoy consists of the following products:

  • The portable CytoSense benchtop flow cytometer, designed for use in the lab, on a shipboard, or anywhere else you want to carry it.
  • The submersible CytoSub flow cytometer, for underwater in-situ operation up to the extreme depth of 200 meters.
  • The standalone CytoBuoy floating flow cytometer, for near continuous measurements for very long duration in one specific spot.