Particle Scanning & Imaging Flow Cytometry

Using the CytoSense, data of exceptionally high quality can be acquired about the contents of water. In addition, the analysis is extremely rapid, enabling large sample sized.

Supporting Technologies

Sampling automation

Connect to a third party sampling robot or use our multi-point sampling solutions. A lab system enables you to monitor multiple individual sample stations with individual scheduling (a smart propellor keeps large particles in suspension). Probing multiple outdoor tanks or mesocosms with a big version.

Fluorescent staining

A device for fluorescent staining, coupled to a CytoSense, for automated online analysis of microbial groups of autotrophs (algae), mixo- and heterotrophs (bacteria, microzooplankton) and other particles. Developed in collaboration with Institut Méditerranéen d'Océanologie (MIO), France.

Autonomy and antifouling

CytoSenses and CytoSubs are made to keep working without clogging, changing flowcells, lenses, or sheath fluid bottles. The recirculating sheath fluid is kept clean and clear for long periods by an autonomy system consisting of filters, biocide dosing, activated carbon and calibration diagnostics.

Analysis configurations

Explore beyond the standard CytoSense optical configurations. Choose lasers, fluorescence bands and imaging specs: we are glad to assist.

Continuous sampling

A transparent chamber allows conti-nuous sampling from supply lines for product water or sea water and a valve and pump system allows integration with ferrybox systems or stand alone water supply. An anti-fouling inlet protects the instrument from clogging when submerged.

Depth profiling

An automated hose reel profiles continuously up to 60m depth by pumping water up to a surface platform with CytoSense and other instruments. A basic valve and flush system allows for sampling from a few discrete depths.

Application support

Our available supporting technologies are all customer inspired - contact us for assistance with your specific requirements.