CytoSense XR is our benchtop solution

Brings high definition particle analysis to the laboratory

At the core of the CytoSense is our scanning & imaging technology, offering:

  • Particle scanning and imaging in one instrument
  • High image resolution
  • Unique particle size range
  • Accurate particle counting
  • Rapid particle analysis

CytoSense XR is suitable for a wide range of applications

Ranging from high frequency HAB and water quality monitoring to various biomedical and biotechnology research applications. The CytoSense XR can be deployed from a central laboratory to a small field lab, providing speedy and continuous analysis. Additional deployment options are possible with the mobile CytoSense-C,  the submersible CytoSubs and the CytoBuoy floating instrumentation buoy.

Unique features of the CytoSense XR

Advantages over typical flow cytometers or dynamic imaging devices:

  • expanded flow cytometry data (scans and images)
  • better detection limits in a single instrument
  • no changing of flow cell or lenses for different particle classes
  • small particle sensitivity: nanoparticles and picoplankton
  • larger and longer particles and filaments: scanning and imaging
  • reliable, unbiased count accuracy and particle size distributions by one-by-one laser scanning in a wide flow cell.
  • effective characterization & classification by:
    • combining laser scatter and fluorescence profiles with photo imaging.
    • ‘free flow’ particle entry without affecting the particles.
  • repeatability and reproducibility by automated analysis.
  • direct analysis (no subsampling), hands free (fixed flow cell & optics for all particle sizes), direct results, fixed
  • long autonomy by clog-free and fouling resistant fluidics
  • low running costs: internal regeneration of sheath fluid

Detailed information and examples on the quality of CytoSense counting, scanning and imaging can be found on the data quality page.

The CytoSense is accompanied with user friendly software for data processing & analysis. Detailed information on the data gathered with the CytoSense can be found on the data page.

The CytoSense can be accompanied with various accessories, ranging from solutions for atline or multi-sample operation and automatic fluorescent staining.   Explore these on our products page or contact us for information on all available options.

Key specifications

Unique particle size range

Laser scanning detects sub-micron particles and works up to large particle length (0.1µm to 800 µm diameter vs. 2500 µm length).   Photo’s from 1 µm to max 778 µm.

Accurate particle counting

Single cells up to colonies. Wide range of sample flow rates (0.07-16 µl/s) allows low to high particle loads

Rapid particle analysis

Recording scatter and fluores- cence properties of EVERY particle passing the laser beam (up to 10 000 particles per second) allowing quick and detailed analysis of cells.

High image resolution

Optical resolution  < 1µm,   3.3 to 4.6 pixels/µm,  2.3 – 5.3 Mpixel sensors,  528 – 778 µm field of view.

Clog-free analysis

No need for pre-filtration due to specially designed fluidics with 800 µm diameter minimal orifice throughout


Maintenance free, antifouling sheath fluid design keeping the flowcell free of biofilm buildup.

Standard 1 laser-4 channel

version for many applications.  Multiple laser/detector versions available with the CytoSense C and the CytoSubs, and from 2023 for CytoSense XR.Upgradable with staining module, sampling automation & other accessories.