Using the CytoSense, data of exceptionally high quality can be acquired about the contents of water. In addition, the analysis is extremely rapid, enabling large sample sized. This makes for a wide range of applications:

  • Aquatic Science
    The largest user base is currently in aquatic science. Detection of species, concentrations, productiveness and development over time can all be measured.
  • Medical
    A CytoSense can be used with staining techniques. Combine that with an ultra wide flow cell and you have a powerful tool for analysis of cells, aggregates and filamentous particles in (bio)medical applications such as sperm cells, islets of Langerhans, muscle fibers etc.
  • Water Quality Monitoring
    Our instruments are especially designed for fast analysis of the abundance, status and composition of phytoplankton. Harmful Algal Blooms can be detected directly, and species such as cyanobacteria can be identified, quantified and classified.

But the applications are certainly not limited to these fields! Sediment monitoring, quality assurance of biological products, parasitology, bulking sludge detection etc. can all be performed using a CytoSense.