CytoBuoy will take a break for the winter holidays

18.12.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

Holidays are approaching and we wanted to let you know that CytoBuoy will be taking a break for the winter holidays. Our office at Johan de Wittlaan 11, 3445AG Woerden  will be closed from:  Lights OUT -...[Leer más]

Looking inside a particle - CytoSense 'true imaging feature'.

03.10.2019 Por:George Dubelaar

With our Imaging-In-Flow system you can get a good impression of the 3D spatial structure of the cells and organisms, explained by some exemplary pictures made of Volvox colonies (Figure 1) flowing at 2 m/s through the CytoSense...[Leer más]

Teaming up drones and cytometers: a next step towards synoptic monitoring of water quality

26.09.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

The aquatic environment is subject to dynamic processes on widely varying time and space scales going down to the single cell level.  One might wish to merge information from satellites all the way down to microscopes...[Leer más]

CytoSense measuring water contamination in Dutch and Chinese waters

02.09.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

70% of the Dutch population lives below sea level. That is one of the main reasons the Netherlands has such a huge expertise in flood control and clean water. Moreover, they have been contributing and collaborating in...[Leer más]

Fast insight into morphology and viability of filamentous fungi with CytoSense

21.08.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

We are happy to announce the very last paper by Veiter & Herwig showing new  application of our technology.Veiter & Herwig in their paper “The filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenum analysed via flow cytometry -...[Leer más]

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