CytoSense measuring water contamination in Dutch and Chinese waters

02.09.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

70% of the Dutch population lives below sea level. That is one of the main reasons the Netherlands has such a huge expertise in flood control and clean water. Moreover, they have been contributing and collaborating in...[Leer más]

Fast insight into morphology and viability of filamentous fungi with CytoSense

21.08.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

We are happy to announce the very last paper by Veiter & Herwig showing new  application of our technology.Veiter & Herwig in their paper “The filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenum analysed via flow cytometry -...[Leer más]

Ecological networks simulation with CytoSense data

14.08.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

Flow cytometric data from a CytoSense was used in a new paper by Pereira et al. (2019): "Ecological networks simulation by fuzzy ecotoxicological rules".The main objective of this paper was to present the development of...[Leer más]

CytoBuoy deployed at Marker Wadden*

26.07.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

We have new CytoSense deployed in dutch waters! This week, as part of dutch monitoring program “Marker Wadden” one of our instruments was deployed in a buoy at Markermeer. The “Marker Wadden” monitoring program has been...[Leer más]

PHYTO-OPS: a tool for visualisation of phytoplankton data

18.06.2019 Por:Tina Silovic

PHYTO-OPS (phytoplankton observations, products and services), is an R shiny application designed to visualise phytoplankton data from FerryBox, High-performance liquid chromatogrpahy (HPLC) and flow cytometry (CytoSense). This...[Leer más]

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