CytoBuoy will take a short winter break

17.12.2020 Por:Tina Silovic

Cell morphology of filamentous actinobacterium analysed by CytoSense

24.09.2020 Por:Tina Silovic

Assessment of viable biomass of filamentous microorganisms  in industrial fermentations is challenging, while reliable monitoring tools in an at-line capacity are scarce to date. Earlier this year Vees et al., developed a...[Leer más]

Bioluminescent algae Noctiluca scintillans analysed by the CytoSense

29.06.2020 Por:Tina Silovic

Bioluminescence* occurs widely among animals, especially in the open sea, but the ones known as sparkling phosphorescence in a surface sea layer are most often caused by plankton. One example of bioluminescent plankton is the...[Leer más]

At-line monitoring of cell-viability and morphology using a CytoSense

13.05.2020 Por:Tina Silovic

In their recent study Vees et al. (2020), developed a robust CytoSense based method to analyze yeast cells viability and morphology in media with a high particle background (Fig 1). The method was successfully employed as a...[Leer más]

Optimized bioprocessing of filamentous fungi through CytoSense derived data

29.04.2020 Por:Tina Silovic

In their new study Veiter et al., ("Optimal process design space to ensure maximum viability and productivity in Penicillium chrysogenum pellets during fed-batch cultivations through morphological and physiological...[Leer más]

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