This package transforms a CytoSense bench top flow cytometer into a 'CytoBuoy' for moored operation. It's easy to take the CytoSense out of the buoy and use it as a benchtop device in the lab. The module includes a 90 cm buoy hull (modified Oceanor SeaWatch mini 'old style' hull), equipped with solar panels, a flashlight and means of communication (wireless or wired). Argos tracking service is supported, if using an Argos transponder.

Equipped with wireless instrument control and transmission of datafiles, a CytoBuoy can be used to conduct extended and/ or high frequency time series of phytoplankton distribution and abundance on fixed locations in-situ in the field.  This includes also the monitoring and early warning for target species. 

The standard wireless connection works for approximately 10km in line of sight. Greater distances can be reached using relays. We are pioneers in remote deployment areas and we're always interested to help customers who want to place their CytoSense in a new type of location such as a ferry-box or even a moored platform combined with other sensors and depth profiling.  

Accessories & Upgrades

Since the CytoBuoy contains a normal CytoSense, all upgrades to the benchtop instrument can also be applied to a Buoy. Sampling accessories for  buoy deployment include depth sensors to trigger depth sampling, timers to save energy, pump and selector systems to probe from an array of tanks or pipes and more. 

Setting up the CytoBuoy to monitor water in the Mediterranean Sea.
The CytoBuoy launched in the Gulf of Naples