Benchtop, portable imaging flow cytometer

The CytoSense benchtop flow cytometer

The portable/benchtop scanning & imaging flow cytometer CytoSense combines high sensitivity with an extremely wide particle size range (from sub micron up to 1.5 millimeter diameter). 

Core qualities 


  • Particle scanning and imaging
  • Single cells up to large colonies
  • No pre-filtration or pre-processing needed
  • In situ automated monitoring
  • Range of sample intake speed (0.07 - 17 ul/s) allows low/high particle loads 
  • Up to 2 lasers and 6 detectors
  • Flow cell dimensions  up to 1.3mm diameter
  • Gentle hydrodynamic alignment of non-spherical, fragile particles

CytoSense specific qualities 

  • Internal PC 

  • Complete software package: instrument control & data analysis
  • Automated, pre-scheduled measurements every few minutes
  • Automatic data clustering
  • accessories
  • Standard and custom-tailored accessories 
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Antifouling solutions
  • Compact design fitting into a busy lab
  • Protected from dust, accidental spills, vibrations (lab environment)
  • Easily portable using convenient frame