EasyClus uses Google maps to visualize transect data

26.01.2015  by  Thomas Rutten

Figure 1: Google Maps transect data

A new feature in the EasyClus toolbox is the presentation of cruise or ferrybox transect data in Google maps. Various data is time and space synchronized. The data can be projected in Google maps in different colors and symbols. Figure 1 shows a North Sea transect with CytoSense total chlorophyll fluorescence (green) and Ferrybox bulk chlorophyll fluorescence (red); the size of the circles represent the measured levels, indicating the biomass of the phytoplankton in the water. This type of maps may also be useful to present more complex CytoSense data in a comprehensive way.

Data kindly provided by Rijkswaterstaat; Transect by MV Zirfaea, June 2014

EasyClus by ThomasRuttenProjects.