New camera upgrade package yields impressive results

10.11.2016  by  Kevin van Hecke

Available today!

Following up on our release during the Ocean Optics XXIII conference, we have great news from the Image in Flow front. Please have a look at the images, they say more than words ever can. 

At CytoBuoy, we are always looking for improvement. For about two years we have been improving the Image in Flow system. We’ve now got new optics, a new illumination source, and finally a completely new camera. The results, as the images show, are nothing less than astonishing. As far as we know, these are the best images available on any flow cytometer available today. To us, it proves that building an imaging system on top of a flow cytometer has been the right choice all along. 

The new image in flow system is available today for new instruments.

For existing instruments we provide a retrofit upgrade. We are able to offer the upgrade at introductory prices (valid until april 2017). Please contact us for a quote at 

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