The CytoSense was used in a new study published in Microbial Cell Factories

15.02.2019  by  Tina Silovic

Figure: Exemplary flow cytometry scatter plots of SuperMan5 strain from shake-flask screening during induction at 23 h (from Pekarsky, A., et al., Microbial Cell Factories (2018)17:183

In the recently published research article  "Production of a recombinant peroxidase in different glyco-engineered Pichia pastoris strains: a morphological and physiological comparison", Pekarsky, A.  et al. compared the production of glycosylate in three different P. pastoris strains and analysed strain morphological properties by microscopy and flow cytometry.

Glyco-engineered yeast strains show tendencies for cellular agglomeration, hence are hard to cultivate. The CytoSense flow cytometer was used to identify bioreactor grown cellular agglomerates. Moreover by using CytoSense in this study, not only sedimentation and possibly biased cellular agglomeration was minimized, but also a false-positive detection of loosely agglomerated cells could be minimized, due to the
in-flow velocity of the cell suspension and the resulting force on the cells. This study provides the first comprehensive evaluation of growth, physiology and recombinant protein production of a Man5GlcNAc2 glycosylating strain in the controlled environment of a bioreactor.

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