Recent publications in Applied Optics featuring results from a CytoSense

13.03.2018  by  Lucyna Wlodarczyk

Two publications by dr. Jacopo Agagliate and co-workers on the application of CytoSense in optical oceanography were published recently in Applied Optics.

In the first paper, available here, the authors demonstrated that the CytoSense data can be used to derive information on both size and refractive index of individual particles contained in natural marine water samples.

The second paper, available here, builds upon the previous findings as the authors validate the use of data collected with the CytoSense by reconstructing bulk inherent optical properties (IOP) through Mie forward modelling.

The two papers are part of the PhD work defended recently by dr. Agagliate under supervision of dr. David McKee.

We congratulate Jacopo for his fantastic research and wish him further success in his future work!

Watch this video about the research of dr. Agagliate from a truly global perspective.