Thomas Rutten Projects

CytoBuoy closely collaborates with Thomas Rutten Projects (TRP), in matters of automated data analysis and long term automated water monitoring.

NSBWO Project

The North Sea Ballast Water Opportunity (NSBWO) project is a joint cooperation with over forty partners and sub-partners, including governments, industry and scientific centres. All are located in the North sea Region. This project aims to reach regional cohesion, innovation and develop future strategies in ballast water policies and ballast water management. CytoBuoy BV contributes its long experience with flow cytometry and phytoplankton to minimize possible harm to the local ecosystem, human health and the economies when exotic species are transported via ballast water.

Dymaphy Project

CytoBuoy B.V. supported the Dymaphy project, which ran from 2010 to 2013. This project aimed to improve the assessment of the quality of marine waters in the 2 Seas area (North Sea and Channel), through the study of microalgae (phytoplankton) and related environmental parameters at high resolution by employing a combination of traditional and new approaches, which could be used by other regions.The CytoSense instrument is one of the instruments used to monitor phytoplankton dynamics. Other partners in this project were ULCO (France), CEFAS (UK), Rijkswaterstaat (Netherlands), IFREMER (France), USTL (France), CNRS (France).


The CytoBuoy Flow Cytometers are sold via distributors in some countries. Currently our distributors are: 

Partners in the Dymaphy Project