The normal CytoSense benchtop instrument can be made submersible by adding a specially designed hull, either one for deep waters (up to 200 meters below surface, covering the complete photonic zone), or one for shallow waters (up to 20 meters below surface). Multiple measurements can be done, so this setup is ideal for depth profiling applications. The CytoSub can be used on a cable or in a submarine vessel.  The high pressure of the water at these depths is kept separate from the flow cell, which operates at normal pressure. This implies that you can easily use your CytoSub as a benchtop lab device too! 

Accessories & Upgrades

All upgrades possible for the CytoSense instrument also apply to the CytoSub. In addition, we have sampling accessories for shipboard and submerged/ buoy applications: depth sensors to trigger depth sampling, timers to save energy, pump and selector systems to probe from an array of tanks or pipes.

We have experience in transmitting power and data through long cables to and from the instrument.  The data and power transport between the submersed instrument and the computer on the ship runs through a high quality submersible cable. A cable has the advantage of continuous control over the instrument and direct interactive data acquisition. The instrument can be equipped with an onboard computer.

If a long (extra) cable for connecting the ship based computer with the CytoSub is not desired, a solution is offered based on an embedded computer for control and data storage and a battery pack for powering: the CytoSub runs on fully preprogrammed operation with samplings at preset times or depths (using the pressure sensor). Samplings can also be initiated by an external trigger from another device or from an existing cable. After surfacing again, the measured data files can be conveniently transferred to the shipboard computer through a WiFi link (using a high pressure antenna housing on top of the CytoSub).




Lowering of a CytoSub
The CytoSub with a battery pack.