Most of the CytoBuoy accessories are the result of developments on request and in collaboration with our customers. 

Contact us if you are interested in implementing flow cytometry in an unusual setting. We are happy to brainstorm with you and find the best solution that suits your needs!

Autonomy Module

This unit is particularly valuable for a heavily used CytoSense, for example on a monitoring station.

The Specificities of the system:

  • Two  filters mitigate the need of replacing the internal filters
  • An activated carbon filter is applied to remove high levelels of dissolved organic matter (CDOM)
  • The biocide level is regulated automatically and the remote user is warned when the biocide container has to be refilled.
  • The unit can automatically add (calibration) beads to a measured sample

Autonomus Staining Module


Multi-point Selector

Multi-Point Selector facilitates lab experiments with multiple sampling stations. 

This system:

  • Enables you to monitor up to 64 sample stations in your lab experiment
  • Each sample is drawn in independently with  pre-programmed measuring schedule
  • Cross-contamination between samples prevented by autonomous flushing and cleaning 

Multi-point Sampler

Multi-Point Sampler facilitates 

  • Depth profiling experiments
  • Mesocosm experiments

With this system you can probe multiple mesocosms or monitor the aquatic environment at different depths. Similar to the Multi-point selector, each sampling point is accessed independently and the measurements can be scheduled in advance. Flushing and detergent rinsing modes make sure that there is no cross-contamination between samples.

Sampling Chamber

Sampling Chamber assures that sample is collected:

  • A-selectively
  • Sand-free
  • Air bubbles-free 

This chamber enables sampling from a sea, lake or river water supply hose. It can be attached to hoses with various diameters. Perspex design facilitates visual inspection and cleaning.

Autonomy Module added to CytoSense
Autonomous Staining Module
Multi-Point Selector
Multi-Point Sampler
Sampling Chamber