To control our instruments and to analyze the results from flow cytometry measurements we develop our own software: CytoUSB and CytoClus. These packages are designed for control of the instrument, automated measurements, data analysis and classification. They are in constant development, and can be tuned to fit your needs perfectly.


Direct analysis of your samples with CytoUSB and CytoCLus Softwares
CytoUSB interface while running samples

CytoUSB is a specially designed program to control the Cyto-instruments. Most important abilities are:

  • Creating and doing a wide scale of different measurements.
  • Real time visualization of data.
  • Programming the instrument for full autonomous control:
    • Time scheduling.
    •  Response to external triggers.
  • Performing instrument fine tuning, calibration, and health checking.

 CytoUSB has an easy to use and modern interface, recognizes the specific instrument configuration automatically and takes care of all peripheral issues like for instance flushing or high pressure mode.


CytoClus interface
Image analysis in CytoClus

CytoClus is a software package especially designed and developed to process and analyze data from the CytoBuoy instruments. It's main functions include:

  • Classification and interpretation of large amounts of particle pulse data by manual gating.
  • Calculating important statistics of datasets, e.g. total red fluorescence or mean particle size.
  • Analysis of population dynamics over time, suitable for detecting important changes in cultures or the environment.
  • Interactive targeting of species for imaging a sample, enabling identification of clusters.
  • Exporting data to other formats for analysis in other third-party programs.

CytoClus is under constant development and by close interaction with the users new features and possibilities are added very frequently.


An overview of EasyClus' functionality