CytoSense provides exceptional combinations of particle scanning and imaging in one instrument!

What are the main differences among CytoSense and other commercially available instruments:


  • Particle scanning and imaging
  • Rapid analysis of particles in a fluid
  • No pre-filtration
  • Unique particle size range: 0.1 μm width up to 4 mm length
  • Size range can be increased up to 1.3 mm diameter with wider flow cell 
  • Single cells up to large colonies
  • In situ automated monitoring
  • Wide range of sample intake speed (0.07 - 17 ul/s) allows high/low particle loads


Although there is a standard CytoSense configuration, it is possible to extend the instrument with specific equipment to suit your needs. Due to the modular design upgrades and extra accessories are easily added.

The CytoSense can hold up to 2 excitation lasers and 6 detectors, among which:

Laser options:

Laser 1: 488 nm, 532 or 552 nm

Laser 2: 405 nm, 445 nm, 473 nm, 552 nm, 594 nm or 637 nm


  • Scatter sensors pointed at the flow cell at multiple angles.
  • Curvature detector
  • Polarized light detector
  • Deep red fluorescence: the main chlorophyll emission band
  • Orange fluorescence (phycocyanins and phycoerythrins)
  • Yellow/Green fluorescence (i.e. artificial fluorescent staining)
  • Blue fluorescence
  • Curvature detector
  • Polarized light detector



The CytoSense benchtop flow cytometer
CytoSense deliverss complete flow cytometric analysis: counts, optical profiles and image(s) of the same algal cell(s)
Due to our specific flow cell it is possible to measure, count, image single cells ad colonies (with the same configuration)
Recently we improved our lense, so are images are much sharper, which makes easier to identify species