Aquatic Science Applications

Diversity and dynamics of the plankton world

These are the two major challenges in aquatic research focused on plankton. In collaboration with aquatic scientists worldwide we have developed flow cytometry that analyses particles in situ in the widest range of sizes, shapes, optical properties, mechanical properties and concentrations. This adventure began in 1986 and continues today with steadily growing network of aquatic specialists. Explore the examples of how the CytoSense flow cytometers serve this community and... join us!  

If you need to

CytoSense solution

  • analyse plankton
  • analysed particle size range: from 100 nm to 0.7 mm (width) and 4 mm (length)
  • perform measurements in a wide range of plankton concentrations
  • particle amounts range: from 10^3 to 10^11 particles per liter
  • capture sudden changes in plankton characteristics
  • a new measurement starts every few minutes, assuring high-frequency monitoring
  • keep fragile organisms, colonies and filaments intact 
  • gentle sampling maintains integrity of delicate particles
  • study untreated water  
  • portability of the CytoSense enables its use directly at the location, the CytoSub version performs the measurements under water, literally in situ