Using the CytoSense, data of exceptionally high quality can be acquired about the contents of water. In addition, the analysis is extremely rapid, enabling large sample sized. This makes for a wide range of applications:

  • Aquatic Science

    Characterize the plankton community structure and its fast changes in time and space. Account for the variability in plankton size, shape, concentration, pigmentation and more. Analyse suspended abiotic particles. Perform the analyses of fixed or fresh, untreated samples. Measure in the field, in the lab, submersed down to 200 m or on the surface of the water with the moored CytoBuoy; our instruments are capable of delivering results at any time, in any place! 

    Explore here how the CytoBuoy technology will advance your aquatic research.

  • Water Monitoring

    Automated and real-time analysis of biological and abiotic particles with size ranging from 100 nm up to 4 mm, various shapes and fragility (e.g. algal colonies). Possibility to monitor abundance changes online. 

    Our flow cytometers are applied for example in HABs management, aquatic ecotoxicology and in wastewater monitoring monitoring. Find out more here

  • Bioprocess Monitoring

    Monitor particles in your bioreactor in an automated real-time manner. Autonomous staining is also possible. Direct sampling eliminates the need of cuvette use and manual handling of the samples. 

    Find out here how your lab will benefit from our CytoSense flow cytometer.

  • (Bio)Medical

    Automated, clog-free and gentle analysis of mammalian cells and cellular aggregates. Scanning of the optical properties of particles can be combined with an automated staining and boosted with the 1 um resolution photographs of the studied bioparticles.  

    Check here if your medical samples can be analyzed with our CytoSense flow cytometer. 

But the applications are certainly not limited to these fields! Sediment monitoring, quality assurance of biological products, parasitology, bulking sludge detection etc. can all be performed using a CytoSense.