Particle Scanning & Imaging Flow Cytometry

Cytobuoy is a manufacturer of flow cytometry instruments for rapid analysis of particles in a fluid. We offer one instrument for: particle counting, imaging, characterization and classification. We provide specially designed solutions for a broad range of applications, including high frequency water monitoring and cutting edge ecological and biological research.

Have a look at our main product, the CytoSense and the options we provide or look into some interesting real-life cases here. If you're new to the concept of flow cytometry, start here.

The CytoSense provides an exceptional combinations of particle scanning and imaging in one instrument!

Particle scanning - every analysis provides an optical scan of EVERY particle, this allows quick characterization and detailed analyses of their morphological properties

Imaging - image all particles in the sample or use target imaging to get images of specific groups.

Latest News

CytoBuoy will take a short winter break

17.12.2020 by Tina Silovic

Cell morphology of filamentous actinobacterium analysed by CytoSense

24.09.2020 by Tina Silovic

Assessment of viable biomass of filamentous microorganisms  in industrial fermentations is challenging, while reliable monitoring tools in an at-line capacity are scarce to date. Earlier this year Vees et al., developed a...more