26.05.2015  by  Dominic Stuart

The new CytoBuoy data buoy - a comprehensive monitoring station.

Donut shaped floats of solid, closed cell structure, foam for optimal collision protection for expensive equipment.

Extremely large solar panel surface for power demanding instruments.

High radar reflector and antenna position for high bandwidth telemetry

Total height: ca. 6m, diameter: ca. 2.25m

Smart sliders for easy retrieval of instrument, underwater mounting for: optimal cooling, access to sample and safety

Flexible mounting space for up to 4 instruments/sensor packages of variable size.

As announced in the previous news item, we are currently in the process of building 2 new buoys. The monitoring platforms will each house a CytoSense instrument in a waterproof hull. In the buoy is also room for extra sensors, battery packs, antenna’s etc. For prices and more information, please contact us at info@cytobuoy.com.