The use of the CytoSense data as a way to analyze plankton functional traits

14.05.2019  by  Tina Silovic

Example showing the pulse shape and photographic image of: (a) plastidic lorica-bearing ciliate (tintinnid), (b) Thalassiosira sp. chain (diatom), (c) Ephemera sp. (diatom), and (d) thecate dinoflagellate.

In the new paper by Fragoso et al., "Trait‐based analysis of subpolar North Atlantic phytoplankton and plastidic ciliate communities using automated flow cytometer  CytoSense was used to  to investigate trait variability of phytoplankton and plastidic ciliates. Functional traits derived from the CytoSense are demonstrated to be a good proxy to explain the segregation of phytoplankton communities, including size spectrum, in contrasting water masses of distinct origin (Arctic vs. Atlantic) in the sub-Arctic North Atlantic Ocean.