The new CytoBuoy data buoy - a comprehensive monitoring station.

20.04.2015  by  George Dubelaar

The future monitoring station combines relevant physical, meteorological, and biological sensors with high frequency and high definition particle analysis systems, depth profiling options, data integration, in a cost effective and maintenance friendly design.

We learned important lessons from the old miniature (90 cm) CytoBuoy and from pilots to integrate a CytoSense in existing buoys. Unlike typical sensors, the cytometer requires relatively high levels of energy, cooling, servicing, investment and hence safety.

The old CytoBuoy, nor any of the commercially available buoys meet all these criteria. This is the reason we designed a new buoy from scratch, basically a big foam ring protecting the instruments located in the middle, our water proof CytoSub (under water) as well as various third party sensors (including battery packs and depth profiling options), on top a large area of solar panels mounted in such a way to allow the equipment to be lifted out easily for inspection and maintenance.

The picture shows the design, and the first floats and frames are actually being produced for testing. Please contact us for inquiries at