Stir up your stirring habits!

29.09.2012  by  Bouke Krom

Introducing the CytoStir

Rendering of the final design of the CytoStir.

First working prototype.

In response to the recurring problem of inhomogeneous samples CytoBuoy comes up with a solution. With a combination of creativity and engineering skills the CytoStir was developed, a stirring device for creating vertical flow. Whereas regular stirring beans create a horizontally oriented vortex only, the CytoStir also creates an upward flow. This prevents heavier particulate matter from being trapped near the bottom of the sample, thereby keeping the sample homogeneous. The CytoStir is compatible with all regular stirring devices: it is controlled in the same way as a stirring bean. By choosing the rotation speed according to your sample, damage to species can be prevented.
Note: The CytoStir is still in development. A first prototype is deployed for testing and we are investigating suitable manufacturing methods. We'll keep you posted about new developments!