Recommended Reading: Pomati 2013

12.06.2013  by  Bouke Krom

Pictures of the experiment done. Pictures taken bij F.Pomati.

F. Pomati from the Department of Aquatic Ecology of EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) has recently published a very interesting paper on the effects of toxic substances on phytoplankton populations. Using a CytoSense instrument, he and co-author L. Nizzetto were able to detect transgenerational responses at individual, population and community levels after exposure to  different concentrations of TCS.  From the abstract:

We found significant changes in community functioning (increased productivity in terms of biovolume and total fluorescence), with maximal effects at 1 lg L-1 TCS. We detected significant and dose-dependent responses on population traits, such as changes in abundance for several populations, increased average size and fluorescence of cells, and strong changes in within-population trait mean and variance (suggesting micro-evolutionary effects).