Plankton net (200 microns) sample reveals astonishing beauty and (size) diversity of these beautiful marine creatures

26.11.2018  by  Tina Silovic

Generated view image of plankton net sample

Recently we visited Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO) in Marseille, France where we analysed plankton net (200 μm) samples from Marseille Bay. What we have found the most impressive is the size range of imaged particles going from few microns up to almost 1 mm (as seen by the generate view image attached to this text). The surprising part was getting cells smaller than 10 microns while we expected particles of 200 microns and above. These images were taken with our lately improved image-in-flow system (IIF) which made our photos more focused and more sharp. For more astonishing images check these two videos made by  Gérald Gregori, our collaborator from MIO.

Plankton pictured by the new generation of automated flow cytometer (CytoSense)

Plankton Diversity as observed with the CytoSense flow cytometer

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