PHYTO-OPS: a tool for visualisation of phytoplankton data

18.06.2019  by  Tina Silovic

Screenshot of Phyto OPS website

PHYTO-OPS (phytoplankton observations, products and services), is an R shiny application designed to visualise phytoplankton data from FerryBox, High-performance liquid chromatogrpahy (HPLC) and flow cytometry (CytoSense). This application is now available through the Cefas website and as a product in the JERICO-NEXT catalogue, with the data available on the Cefas Data Hub.

This tool visualises  pigments, flow cytomery and ferrybox data and compare different datasets. Future developments will include comparisons of phytoplankton functional types using flow cytometry and microscopy, and the ability to convert ferrybox fluorescence to chlorophyll concentration. For the full description, check the Jerico-Next website.