Peter Gerritzen

11.01.2016  by  George Dubelaar

Peter Gerritzen

Woerden, 11 January 2016

Sad news this time.

Peter Gerritzen, co-founder of CytoBuoy and colleague, passed away peacefully last Friday evening at Spaarne Hospital Haarlem, after a brief illness. Peter was 80. He never married, had no children, nor brothers or sisters, and was used to his life as a man alone.  I first met Peter in 1996 when we started the joint EU cytobuoy project. Being 60 at that time he decided to retire from his directorship at Datawell to focus on the technical side of our project.  In 2001 we founded CytoBuoy bv and Peter volunteered, providing technical advice and smart solutions.   

Until last Christmas Peter was here with us almost every day, having his own territory and seat at the lunch table, respected by his colleagues from young to old for his technical genious and liked for his humorous anecdotes and comments. Peter was a friendly, open-hearted, honest man.

We have lost a respectable scientist and engineer, mentor, colleague and friend.