New and Improved Imaging Technique

10.07.2013  by  Bouke Krom

A water flea - extremely large! - imaged. Here the advantage of the pulse data is clear: we can see two phytoplankton cells that are eaten by the creature, but still fluorescent inside its body.

In recent months one of the main development areas of CytoBuoy has been the optimization of the picturing equipment: Image in Flow. The source of illumination has been changed from a coherent (laser) light source to an incoherent (LED) light source. This new technique removes the fringes and rings found in slightly out-of-focus images made with the previous image in flow system. The defocus with an incoherent light source looks much more like a defocus encountered with our own eyes. This leads to more beautiful pictures, in which the internal structure and details of the cells are much more visible!

Newly ordered CytoSenses will be equipped with the new illumination by default. More examples of pictures can be found on the CytoSense and FAQ pages.