Multipoint Sampler

08.11.2013  by  Bouke Krom

Picture of the small scale system: the central pump & switch unit on the left side and 9 sampling stations on a row. The photo shows a system delivered to Rijkswaterstaat (the Netherlands Ministry of Public Works), Water Devision, Lelystad

Picture of the large scale system. Tubings with different lengths can be connected to a central switch unit (on the left side) to draw up water from several depths or lengths. The photo shows the first system at delivery at the Centre d’Océanologie de Marseille.

CytoBuoy B.V. has expanded her range of flow cytometry accessories with a system for sampling from multiple sources. The CytoSense can access each sampling point independently and execute a preprogrammed measuring schedule to analyze a certain sample volume from each station at selected times. It can be used like a normal multi-tube system but it differs in design by the free location of the various samples within a certain distance range.

We have designed a small scale and a large scale system. With the big system the sampling points maybe located up to 100 meters away from the CytoSense and with the small system the small sampling stations are typically located within a 10 m distance from the CytoSense instrument. The big system coupled to a CytoSense is perfectly suited to perform kinetic analyses from multiple units in a mesocosm plant simultaneously, or to allow time series of multiple depths from a sea wall station or platform. The small system can be used to just analyze a set of samples once or to perform time series (kinetics) from various experimental setups in your laboratory.

 Both systems are equipped with a common flushing line, a detergent rinsing mode and a set of fluid valves at each sample point to prevent cross-contamination between samples. The number of sampling stations can be chosen freely, up to 64 stations. The software allows easy programming of the system. We're glad to advise you which system could be helpful for your research purposes.

Especially for the small sample selector system we also invented a stirring device to keep the fluid gently mixed in sample containers of up to ca. 1 liter - check the "CytoStir" section on this website to see this gadget at work. Of course this CytoStir is also available for single analysis points (standard CytoSense).