Free IIF Upgrade

05.10.2018  by  Tina Silovic

Photo collage of images made by IIF after the lense upgrade

Great news!  We have developed some major improvements for our Imaging-In-Flow (IIF) system. The first one is "more in focus imaging", enabling the system to only take sharp photos which means no more out of focus pictures. With this new functionality, the system can be set to ONLY photograph particles on their way to traverse the focal plane of the camera. For users who have IIF and 2 Forward Scatters, this upgrade will be installed at the next planned annual servicing of your instrument and it is free of charge! This upgrade consist of updating the internal firmware of your instrument and updating to the latest version of CytoUSB.
The second IFF improvement is an optimized lense which will give you much sharper images, as seen on this image collage below. For this improvement you would need a new lense (and the latest LED-illumination for older instruments). Therefore for more info about its installation and a quote please contact us by email.
Motivated with these images we started posting a #particleoftheday on our (recently opened) Instagram and Facebook profile. Follow us on one of social media platforms to get more of these stunning images acquired by CytoSense.