Final beta release CytoClus 4

10.03.2016  by  Kevin van Hecke

Today we are finally ready for a public release of our new data-analysis software CytoClus 4. We hope you will become as enthusiastic about it as we are now. To get you started we will highlight a few of the key improvements below. This is a beta release so there still could be some minor issues and we may still change some functionality before the final release. For that we need all the feedback we can get!

Fig 1; CytoClus 4 overview.

Fig 2; The new sidebar.

Fig 3; The new set combiner


Data file database (1)

This not just a list of files, it also displays metadata such as experiment duration, number of particles, number pictures, concentration, settings used, etc.  Basically, all the information you need to find a measurement. The database makes it easy to process or export multiple files at once. In the near future we plan to extend the database functionality. Any feedback on how you are searching or managing your measurements is welcome!

Multiple data files (2)

It is now possible to have multiple files open simultaneously in our new tabbed interface. Comparing plots or other data between files can be done in a pinch. Play around with this to configure your most optimal way of ordering opened files!

Sidebar (3)

The buttons in the sidebar give easy access to all kinds of information.  An example of the sensor data is shown in figure 2. The sidebar aims to provide all interesting and auxiliary data about your files. 

New sets functionality (4)

We have completed rethought our sets workflow. For instance, in the previous CytoClus we had an option that we called mutually exclusive sets. Although this provided many possibilities to discriminate data, many users found it difficult to comprehend. In CytoClus 4 you are able to combine your sets into a new set using simple logical combinations (see figure 3), which provides even more freedom while hierarchically simplifying your data analysis problem. 

Closing words

Many more changes and improvements have been made, too much to include in this very short summary here. We invite you to try out the new version and let us know what you think of it! You can send us direct feedback through, or join the discussion on our forum.