Fast insight into morphology and viability of filamentous fungi with CytoSense

21.08.2019  by  Tina Silovic

Fig 1: Information gain from individual morphological classes with definition of morphological classes according to flow cytometry

We are happy to announce the very last paper by Veiter & Herwig showing new  application of our technology.
Veiter & Herwig in their paper used CytoSense to combine morphological analysis with viability assessment of filamentous fungi in an at-line environment. 
The method was developed with Penicillium chrysogenum as a model species but they believe in broaden applicability towards not only other filamentous fungi but agglomerate forming organisms such as yeast as well.
Moreover, they have verified their results with established state-of-the-art methods (microscopy and plate readder), where CytoSense has proven to be faster alternative to image analysis via microscopy while also providing better statistical reliability due to large particles measured.
They envision this method to be a further milestone in the at-line characterization of complex fungal biomass in process development and routine manufacturing processes.