DYMAPHY Project Coming to an End

17.12.2013  by  Bouke Krom

The Dymaphy-folks

A calibration workshop earlier in the project

Two weeks ago the final meeting of the DYMAPHY project was held in Boulogne-sur-Mer. The project, based on the coop­er­a­tion between 6 part­ners from three coun­tries (France, U.K. and the Netherlands), aimed at improving the assess­ment of the quality of marine waters in the North Sea and the English Channel.

Innovative techniques and approaches, including flow cytometry using several CytoSenses, in vivo fluorescence and satellite imagery have been tested, inter-compared and inter-calibrated in order to define operational procedures and recommendations for their application in monitoring marine and coastal systems. Moreover, research on the semi-automation of data analysis has been carried out, together with the improvement of the discrimination and the classification of data obtained by the different techniques.

All in all, the project has lead to important steps forward in the advancement of the scientific field and the international collaboration on taking responsibility for the environment. For CytoBuoy the project has been a great motivator to improve our products and services, and to get more acquainted with the monitoring industry. The interaction between users of the instruments and engineers within CytoBuoy has been very pleasant and invaluable.

The atmosphere of the project is perhaps best captured by this item from SeaMedia, who joined the crew on one of the cruises crossing the English Channel.