Donít let an increased particle concentration surprise you

24.04.2017  by  Lucyna Wlodarczyk


If the particle concentration in your samples fluctuates from one measurement to another, you will like our new feature. Starting from version, CytoUSB has the option to automatically reduce the sample pump speed. During the pre-concentration measurement, the amount of particles per second is determined. If this number is too high the sample pump speed is reduced proportionally. As a result, the analyzed concentration of particles stays optimal, preventing coincidence.


This solution is handy on a monitoring station, where the number of particles varies greatly throughout the year. The set sample pump speed just needs to be adequate to the standard conditions. When the number of particles rises significantly, for example due to an algal bloom, the system will automatically reduce the speed to avoid coincidence. Sudden increase of algae concentration in analysed water can also take place during a cruise when a ship sails into a bloom area. The automated reduction of sample pump speed will make sure that the particles are still measured truly one-by-one.



For more information on this new feature, please visit our forum.