CytoBuoy deployed at Marker Wadden*

26.07.2019  by  Tina Silovic

Deployement of buoy in Markermeer lake

Plankton cells imaged by CytoSense' imaging system

Collective image of Markermeer sample

Zooplankton (on colective image marked in red)

Colony of unknown cells (on colective image marked in red)

Next year the plan is to add fast repetition fluorimeter (FRRF) in the buoy, which is the best method to measure the photosynthesis activity of algae. The actual measurements of the photosynthesis activity of the phytoplankton with FRRF is crucial to acquire insight in the productivity of the Markermeer. Combining both techniques (FRRF and imaging Flow Cytometry) is particularly suitable to determine the strengths of both systems.

Moreover, our CytoSense is the only instrument present at the market which gives possibility of analysing cells of so wide size range (0.1 um in width, up to 4 mm in length) with the same configuration. As seen on attached images, at the same time you can see cells small as cyanobacteria, and big as zooplankton. Isn't that amazing?!

We are looking forward to new amazing results!

*The Marker Wadden is an artificial archipelago in development in the Markermeer, a lake in the Netherlands. The first island was inaugurated on 24 September 2016.