CytoBuoy technology featured on

11.01.2018  by  Lucyna Wlodarczyk

Photo source: World Fishing & Aquaculture

The Chilean salmon export is the world’s second-biggest, but year after year it struggles under extensive harmful algal blooms (HABs) which cause millions of euros of annual losses. This damage can be mitigated with systems allowing early detection and monitoring of HABs. Suitable technology must enable identification of potentially hazardous algae early on and provide a quantitative measure of HABs species with a high (hourly) frequency. Reliable results can be obtained only if the water is analyzed fresh, on the spot, and without pre-treatments and delays. Time and cost efficiency of data analysis plays an important role too. In context of these demands our CytoBuoy technology gained attention of Chilean-based publisher Salmon Expert, who issued this article highlighting the benefits that our flow cytometers can provide to the salmon industry.

HABs are not the only threat to salmon, here you can see another nuisance, a parasite Caligus rogercresseyi, analyzed using the CytoSense,. The fact that you can analyze both algal cells and large multicellular organisms like this copepod using only one instrument, is a unique benefit of our flow cytometers!