CytoBuoy at the MetroSea Workshop | 11-13 October, Naples

10.10.2017  by  Lucyna Wlodarczyk

The MetroSea Workshop will bring together world specialists in metrology and instrumentation applied to understand, protect and preserve marine environment. 

Researchers using our CytoBuoy technology to study marine microbial ecology will present their results during the following talks: 

A new automated flow cytometer for high frequency in situ characterisation of heterotrophic microorganisms and their dynamics in aquatic ecosystems (abstract)

Tina Silovic11, Mathilde Dugenne1, Melilotus Thyssen11, Thibaut Cossart1, Harrie Kools2, George Dubelaar2, Michel Denis1 
12Cytobuoy, Netherlands

 Phytoplankton dynamics by autonomous high-frequency flow cytometry from a floating buoy in the Gulf of Naples

Mark A van Dijk, Augusto Passarelli, Fabio Conversano, Raffaella Casotti
Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Naples, Italy

Spatial distribution of phytoplankton communities in the English Channel, at sub-mesoscale, by applying innovative automated approaches

Arnaud Louchart1, Fabrice Lizon2, Alain Lefebvre3, Fanny Bouchaud1, Guillaume Wacquet11, Jessica Delarbre1, Hugues Wattiez1, Luis Felipe Artigas1
123Laboratoire Environnement Ressources, IFREMER LER/BL, France

Real-Time microbial concentrations by automated on-line flow cytometry for marine coastal monitoring

Casotti Raffaella1, Balestra Cecilia1, Van Dijk Mark1, Passarelli Augusto12, Hammes Frederik2
1Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Naples, Italy, 2Department of Environmental Microbiology, Switzerland

We wish all participants a fruitful workshop! 

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CytoBuoy is a proud sponsor of the MetroSea Workshop.