Bioprocess monitoring with CytoSense flow cytometry

20.02.2018  by  Lucyna Wlodarczyk

Dr. Lukas Neutsch (in the middle) and Dr. Roberta Carpine (right) while learning automatic clustering of the CytoSense data using the EasyClus© from Thomas Rutten (left).

Last week we welcomed our new customers Dr. Lukas Neutsch and Dr. Roberta Carpine from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) for training at CytoBuoy.

Dr. Neutsch got to know CytoBuoy flow cytometry while working previously at TU Wien, where the device was used to analyze cultures of Penicillium chryzogenum (reference). What prompted him to acquire a CytoSense when he moved to ZHAW? In discussion with us he mentions four major reasons: the wide particle size range realized by the CytoSense, the robustness of the system with regard to harsh conditions, the ability to perform particle imaging and the higher information content resulting from the advanced signal processing. These benefits match the exciting research plans of Dr. Neutsch to further expand the application of CytoSense in bioprocess monitoring. The samples used for testing will include microalgae, Escherichia coli, mammalian cells (such as CHO) and yeast.

We wish Dr. Neutsch and his team success!