Amazing pond life yields amazing images

30.05.2014  by  George Dubelaar

amazing pond life

The pond near our office @ Jan Steenstraat, Woerden

A not particularly scientific, but exciting way to test the newest CytoSense imaging-in-flow system was to run some 50 ml samples of water from the pond near our office.  Being a layman in biology I expected a nice and clean set of indivudual cells and organisms.  Wrong!  Everything seems to stick to everything or eat something else, debris, decaying body parts, and with this amazing photo I wondered who is eating who.

For hands-free operation the CytoSense imaging-in-flow should be a one-size-fits-all system for small to large particles, just like the excellent laser based scattering and fluorescence pulse scanning.  That is why the imaging system has a wide field of view to capture big organisms and enough resolution for smaller cells.  This is shown in the attached poster with various pictures, in identical magnification.

10.07.2013 we introduced the new imaging illumination system using 100-200 ns flashes from a boosted 850nm LED instead of the previously used laser diode. That eliminated the interference patterns obscuring exact cell sizes and intracellular morphology. Recent improvements have resulted in a more evenly grey background, better contrast, better resolution and, depending on customer preference, more or less dark contrast from the photosynthetic pigments.