A CytoSense in a Ferrybox adds information and saves sensors

26.01.2015  by  Thomas Rutten and George Dubelaar

A CytoSense brings the power of individual particle analysis to the ferrybox or buoy monitoring concept, reveiling the composition of microbial groups and species, expressed in abundance as well as in optical properties.  An easily overlooked spin-off is the most simple CytoSense data output: ∑ fuorescence or ∑ light scatter for all particles in a sample.  The figure shows CytoSense ∑ fuorescence plotted against chlorophyll fluorescence by a dedicated ferrybox sensor.   The correlation is high enough to reconsider the mounting of such dedicated bulk optical sensors for fluorescence and turbidity in ferryboxes and buoys in case a CytoSense will be present.

Data kindly provided by Rijkswaterstaat, collected during a cruise with MV Zirfaea, June 2014