Analyse your sample with the newest CytoSense at ICHA2018!

11.04.2018  by  Lucyna Wlodarczyk

The 18th International Conference On Harmful Algae, from ecosystems to socio-ecosystems

Bring your sample to ICHA2018 and collect beautiful scans and pictures of your particles! | Here: forward (black) and sideward (blue) scattered light scans, red fluorescence (red) scan and pictures at 1 um resolution of diatoms analysed with the newest CytoSense flow cytometer. Scale bars 50 um.

the newest CytoSense flow cytometer.

Please send a message to if you would be interested to test your sample during ICHA2018.

For more information about ICHA2018 follow the link.
Early bird registration: 15 July 2018.

We look forward to seeing you there!