Analysis of Prochlorococcus marina with the CytoSense

16.12.2015 by George Dubelaar

As follow-up to our news items "detecting 100 nanometer beads", "analysis of bacteria"  and "increasing the sensitivity of CytoBuoy flow cytometers" of July 2015 and November 2014,  we show...more

CytoSense imaging reaches 1 Ám resolution and higher pixel density

06.11.2015 by George Dubelaar

The CytoSense makes photos of subsets of particles. A laser scan is captured from each particle at high fluid velocity, which allows extremely fast analysis and efficient data processing and discrimination. In this way we...more

Detecting 100 nanometer beads with the CytoSense

09.07.2015 by George Dubelaar

Following our news item of November 2014 on the sensitivity of the CytoBuoy flow cytometers, we report the successful detection of 100 nm non-fluorescing polystyrene beads with the CytoSense.  They were well resolved from...more


26.05.2015 by Dominic Stuart

As announced in the previous news item, we are currently in the process of building 2 new buoys. The monitoring platforms will each house a CytoSense instrument in a waterproof hull. In the buoy is also room for extra sensors,...more

The new CytoBuoy data buoy - a comprehensive monitoring station.

20.04.2015 by George Dubelaar

The future monitoring station combines relevant physical, meteorological, and biological sensors with high frequency and high definition particle analysis systems, depth profiling options, data integration, in a cost effective...more