Ecological networks simulation with CytoSense data

14.08.2019 by Tina Silovic

Flow cytometric data from a CytoSense was used in a new paper by Pereira et al. (2019): "Ecological networks simulation by fuzzy ecotoxicological rules".The main objective of this paper was to present the development of...more

CytoBuoy deployed at Marker Wadden*

26.07.2019 by Tina Silovic

We have new CytoSense deployed in dutch waters! This week, as part of dutch monitoring program “Marker Wadden” one of our instruments was deployed in a buoy at Markermeer. The “Marker Wadden” monitoring program has been...more

PHYTO-OPS: a tool for visualisation of phytoplankton data

18.06.2019 by Tina Silovic

PHYTO-OPS (phytoplankton observations, products and services), is an R shiny application designed to visualise phytoplankton data from FerryBox, High-performance liquid chromatogrpahy (HPLC) and flow cytometry (CytoSense). This...more

The use of the CytoSense data as a way to analyze plankton functional traits

14.05.2019 by Tina Silovic

In the new paper by Fragoso et al., "Trait‐based analysis of subpolar North Atlantic phytoplankton and plastidic ciliate communities using automated flow cytometer  CytoSense was used to  to investigate trait...more

11th International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria in Krakow, Poland

06.05.2019 by Tina Silovic

This week we are attending 11th International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria in Krakow, Poland. The conference is amazing as well as live samples we are running here. Look at this amazing diversity!more

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