Monitoring Experiment Eijsden

27.08.2013 by Bouke Krom

In April 2013 a long term, high frequency phytoplankton monitoring project started with a CytoSense running autonomously on the River Meuse measurement platform of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in...more

Cytobuoy Holidays

31.07.2013 by Bouke Krom

Currently, most of the CytoBuoy staff is enjoying a well-earned holiday. We will try to answer urgent e-mails, but we will not be reachable by telephone. The office will be open again on Tuesday august 13th. more

New and Improved Imaging Technique

10.07.2013 by Bouke Krom

In recent months one of the main development areas of CytoBuoy has been the optimization of the picturing equipment: Image in Flow. The source of illumination has been changed from a coherent (laser) light source to an incoherent...more

CytoBuoy celebrates opening of extended headquarters

04.07.2013 by Bouke Krom

This June 26th the CytoBuoy office in Woerden was officially reopened after drastic changes to the interior. The workfloor has been extended into the building next to it, allowing for a meeting room and a demonstration lab. But...more

Recommended Reading: Pomati 2013

12.06.2013 by Bouke Krom

F. Pomati from the Department of Aquatic Ecology of EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) has recently published a very interesting paper on the effects of toxic substances on phytoplankton...more