CytoBuoy celebrates opening of extended headquarters

04.07.2013 by Bouke Krom

This June 26th the CytoBuoy office in Woerden was officially reopened after drastic changes to the interior. The workfloor has been extended into the building next to it, allowing for a meeting room and a demonstration lab. But...more

Recommended Reading: Pomati 2013

12.06.2013 by Bouke Krom

F. Pomati from the Department of Aquatic Ecology of EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) has recently published a very interesting paper on the effects of toxic substances on phytoplankton...more

Ballast Water

03.06.2013 by Bouke Krom

By now it is a well-known problem: cargo ships travelling all over the world bring water with them. Water that may contain exotic species. The CytoSense is especially suitable to detect these invaders! The water is used as...more

Mesocosm experiment in the Gullmar Fjord

12.03.2013 by Bouke Krom

During the first half of 2013, a groundbreaking, large-scale and long-term experiment is conducted at the west coast of Sweden. Using specially developed mesocosm tubes, the effects of ocean acidification are investigated over a...more

Innovations in 2012, outlook for 2013

29.01.2013 by Bouke Krom

Now that we're back on our regular working schedule it's a good time to take a look at the achievements of Cytobuoy over 2012. It was a very productive year, in which we sold more products than ever before. In the first half of...more