Stir up your stirring habits!

29.09.2012 by Bouke Krom

In response to the recurring problem of inhomogeneous samples CytoBuoy comes up with a solution. With a combination of creativity and engineering skills the CytoStir was developed, a stirring device for creating vertical flow....more

CytoSense helps fight harmful algal bloom

04.09.2012 by Bouke Krom

At the start of this august, a dangerously high concentration of the dinoflagellate Alexandrium Ostenfeldii was found within a creek near Ouwerkerk, Zeeland. This species is known to produce very toxic substances (saxitoxine...more

Introduction of the Multi-depth Sampler

30.08.2012 by Bouke Krom

Recently, CytoBuoy b.v. has expanded the range of marine flow cytometry accessories with an advanced system for automatic multi-depth sampling on monitoring locations. The system is controlled by the CytoSense flow cytometer....more

...and we're online!

04.04.2012 by Bouke Krom

As of yesterday night this new website is online. Have fun exploring it! If you have any suggestions for improvement, or want to contribute to the 'Cases'-section for example, please contact us!more

New website almost ready!

29.03.2012 by Bouke Krom

Over the last couple of months we've been adding content and info steadily to our new website, this one! As the launch date gets closer, the site reaches its final stage of development. The software server has already been moved,...more