Increasing the sensitivity of the CytoBuoy flow cytometers

03.11.2014 by George Dubelaar

We are expanding the huge particle size range of the CytoSense towards extremely small and dim fluorescent cells, such as Prochlorococcus marina.  The benefits are clear: to cover the whole size spectrum of phytoplankton...more

Analysis of bacteria with the CytoSense flow cytometer

03.11.2014 by George Dubelaar

Despite its "phytoplankton" targeted design (or should I say "owing to"),  the CytoSense does a good job with various types of particles such as bacteria, fungi and sperm cells, especially in 'dirty'...more

Closed for the holidays

04.08.2014 by Dominic Stuart

CytoBuoy will be closed for the coming 2 weeks to enjoy the summer holidays. We will resume normal activities from the 18th of August. The CytoBuoy team would like to wish everyone a nice summer! more

Amazing pond life yields amazing images

30.05.2014 by George Dubelaar

A not particularly scientific, but exciting way to test the newest CytoSense imaging-in-flow system was to run some 50 ml samples of water from the pond near our office.  Being a layman in biology I expected a nice and clean...more

Image in Flow Buoy Splashdown in Brazil

26.02.2014 by Kevin van Hecke

A CytoBuoy has been deployed in the beautiful area of Arraial do Cabo, in a protected natural reserve 150km east of Rio de Janeiro city. As part of the SiMoCo project (Sistema de Monitoramento Costeiro) lead by researcher...more