26.05.2015 by Dominic Stuart

As announced in the previous news item, we are currently in the process of building 2 new buoys. The monitoring platforms will each house a CytoSense instrument in a waterproof hull. In the buoy is also room for extra sensors,...more

The new CytoBuoy data buoy - a comprehensive monitoring station.

20.04.2015 by George Dubelaar

The future monitoring station combines relevant physical, meteorological, and biological sensors with high frequency and high definition particle analysis systems, depth profiling options, data integration, in a cost effective...more

A CytoSense in a Ferrybox adds information and saves sensors

26.01.2015 by Thomas Rutten and George Dubelaar

A CytoSense brings the power of individual particle analysis to the ferrybox or buoy monitoring concept, reveiling the composition of microbial groups and species, expressed in abundance as well as in optical properties.  An...more

EasyClus uses Google maps to visualize transect data

26.01.2015 by Thomas Rutten

A new feature in the EasyClus toolbox is the presentation of cruise or ferrybox transect data in Google maps. Various data is time and space synchronized. The data can be projected in Google maps in different colors and symbols....more


28.11.2014 by George Dubelaar

Which combination of lasers and fluorescence colors is optimal to achieve good identification of the various pigment types of algae?  How does this influence the detection of very small picoplankton species? To get a...more