Particle Scanning & Imaging Flow Cytometry

Cytobuoy is a leading manufacturer of flow cytometry instruments for extremely rapid analysis of particles in a fluid. We offer high tech instrumentation for particle counting, imaging, characterization and classification and we provide specially designed solutions for a broad range of applications, including high frequency water monitoring, and cutting edge ecological and biological research.

CytoSense provides exceptional combinations of particle scanning and imaging in one instrument!

Particle scanning - means that  every analysis provides an optical scan of EVERY particle allows quick characterization and detailed analyses of their morphological properties

Imaging - you can choose to image all particles in the sample or use target imaging to get images of specific groups

Latest News

New developments in CytoClus - interactive viewing of all imaged particles and their pulse shapes

24.03.2020 by Tina Silovic

As we are all affected with the COVID-19 outbreak, our team is mostly working from home. We are maintaining all our services and support for our customers and prospects. We wish you the best for these coming times and let's hope...more

CytoBuoy will take a break for the winter holidays

18.12.2019 by Tina Silovic

Holidays are approaching and we wanted to let you know that CytoBuoy will be taking a break for the winter holidays. Our office at Johan de Wittlaan 11, 3445AG Woerden  will be closed from:  Lights OUT -...more