Next generation hydrobiology analysis, for a more holistic view on microscopic life

CytoBuoy offers solutions for analysis and classification of microorganisms and particles in water and complex media.  Providing a more holistic view on the dynamics of the microworld by combining speed, information and size range.


Collect in depth information on microbial communities and diversity, viability, germination, physiology and aggregate status in bioprocesses.


Quickly detect changes, notice trends by high frequency automated analysis of microbial composition w.r.t. food security, source/stock contamination, production of microalgae and valuable biocompounds, aquaculture protection.


Monitor abundance and growth of phyto- and zooplankton, bacteria, HABs on spatial and temporal scales for ecological status of surface waters and ocean observation.


Easy and comprehensive screening in single to multicellular organism models in developmental biology, biomedical from spermatozoa to cell clusters, as well as particle engineering e.g. cell encapsulation, microcapsules etc.

Open up new possibilities using the unique benefits of our products:

Analysis and data

Cytometry meets microscopy

Automation & flexibility

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We provide specially designed solutions for a broad range of applications, including high frequency water monitoring and cutting edge ecological and biological research.